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What We do


Psychometric Assessments

Psychometric Testing is designed to reveal a lot more about an individual than an interview would,and provides an objective synopsis of an individual’s character, strengths, development areas and work profile.


Adult Career Guidance and counseling

Mahatma Ghandi said that the future depends on what you do today. Sometimes however, we are unsure of which steps are the best to take to ensure that we are happy and thriving. Let us provide you with the bricks that you need to build your pathway to the future.


Training and Workshops

Organisations in South Africa are faced with high turnover and a lack of skills, making effective recruitment methods, retention and development of employees critical. Organisations need to enhance their performance and competitiveness. At OptiForce, we conduct education, training and needs analysis for your organisation in order to provide information for the best ETD interventions.


Organisational Development

OptiForce partners up with both leaders and employees in order to identify, clarify and address organisational concerns.

Why choose Us

OptiForce is an Industrial Psychology consulting firm based in Gauteng. Our focus is to manage talent effectively and to enhance individual and group functioning within organisations. Our consultation offering includes Organisational Psychology, Psychometric Assessment, Career Counselling and Personnel Psychology (human resource management). We follow a scientist-practitioner model, to ensure that all techniques and tools used are grounded in sound psychological research.

OptiForce was created to support organisations in sculpting and designing an optimum workforce. At the same time, we remain mindful of the uniqueness of each individual we work with. Finding the correct person-job fit results in a high quality workforce and can save the organisation on a host of unnecessary costs such as recruitment, training, replacement and poor productivity.

At OptiForce we believe that work delivered needs to be of the highest quality and in direct response to our clients need.

Our Mission Statement and Vision

It is our mission to assist clients to achieve their objectives by following a collaborative approach. Together we will seek uncomplicated solutions to individual, group and organisational areas of development. Our mission is furthermore to maintain objectivity when working with people and to strive to be flexible and creative in solving problems.







What Our clients say?

Crown Food Group has been utilising OptiForce since 2015 to conduct psychometric assessments on both prospective and current employees. These assessments cover a wide range of tests sand are used for both recruitment and employee development purposes. The input we receive from Sindy Bartlett is always valuable and has assisted Crown in making critical HR decisions in the past and will, no doubt, in the future again.

I find OptiForce to be very well-run and professional and would recommend their services without reservation.
Neal Mackriel
HR Manager
OptiForce assisted in identifying applicants’ personal traits as well as their ability in understanding and processing specific information. Based on the applicants whom were hired, the assessment received has proven to be accurate.
Matthew Knowlden
Tecsa Reco have found great value using Optiforce to screen and evaluate candidates as part of the recruitment process.
David Haupt
Our experience of the service offering by Optiforce has been positive and of high standing quality.We have found the various psychometric assessments to provide a great value-add to the business and it have assisted us to manage our talent pools and the development thereof. The service is very efficient and reliable, with excellent turnaround times.
Melenie Parsons

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