Organisational Development

OptiForce partners up with both leaders and employees in order to identify, clarify and address organisational concerns. We follow a system wide approach in which we transfer knowledge to the planned development, improvement and reinforcement of strategies, structures and processes to enhance organisational functioning.

Organisational Diagnosis

OptiForce utilises structured activities in order to facilitate organisational diagnosis. Our services include:

  • Planning Communication/Marketing around Surveys
  • Strategic Positioning of Surveys
  • Conducting Personal Interviews
  • Facilitating Focus Groups
  • Developing and Compiling Organisational Assessment Questionnaires
  • Distributing of Questionnaires
  • Conducting Statistical Analysis and Analysing Data
  • Interpreting Results and Drafting High Level Reports
  • Further Exploration, if required
  • Feedback and Providing Action Plans

Change and transformation Management and culture building

OptiForce implements change management interventions to ensure smooth transitions between current and future states. We help organisations implement specific changes such as new technology, structures or practices by proactively managing the people side of change in order to achieve the desired business results. OptiForce makes use of the Hugh Structured Change Management Process.

Other Organisational Development Services

  • Organisational Design and Effectiveness
  • Organisational Agility
  • Strategic Planning
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